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  • Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, tired or fatigued?
  • Is life feeling like its dragging you down?
  • Do you have goals you want to achieve and find that you repeatedly let yourself down?
  • Do you feel like you need more confidence day to day?
  • Are you anxious, on edge or depressed?
  • Have you ever felt lost in life and want to know how to reset your inner brilliance compass?
  • Do you want to live a fulfilling life and have more fun?

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Imagine one thing you would LOVE to change but haven't because you are too scared, you don't feel good enough, you have been on what seems like the treadmill of life, and you are FED up, sick of the repeated FRUSTRATION, constantly putting everyone elses needs above your own, controlling everyone and everything is tiring, and where has the fun and laughter gone from your life…..

Imagine... if you woke up tomorrow and felt like a new person, someone who others admired, someone who is now full of confidence, someone who enjoys life and rolls with ease and grace through any challenging event. Someone even you would like to be around, to wake up inspired and filled with joy

Well, it's possible with a life coach, someone who works with you one on one and helps keep you on the rails when you feel like packing it in. Someone you can trust, someone who cares enough to speak the truth to help you progress to where you want to be in life. Someone to help keep you accountable to yourself and those that matter the most to you.

How would you like to have a supporter by your side, someone you listens to you, understands you and wants only what your deepest heart desires?

Imagine learning tools and techniques that you can use for life, so you are in control of your own life and destiny. Knowing what to do when challenges come up in your life.

Do you like to be in control?.....Well, you can be in control of you and your life, any place, any time, with freedom to be you.

Do you want to feel alive, become empowered and live the way you want,
If you are ready to CHANGE your life starting right now!!!

Contact Sue-Ellen for an inspiring Breakthrough coaching session, and set yourself on your path to freedom.

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Make this your best year ever - help you feel strong , act confidently and help you live with FREEDOM, reaching your goals sooner.

Remember to trust in yourself, create a solid environment inside you and out, and the right people will turn up at exactly the right time.

If you are on this page, its probably not by accident. The universe creates opportunities daily.
Trust your inner knowing, and you will know the right person to walk with you on your journey - together change is created and friendships cemented.

Why walk when you can STRIDE through life with bullet proof confidence.

About Sue-Ellen
Sue-Ellen transforms, empowers and inspires people. Her unique talent is connecting genuinely with her clients as she facilitates their healing from the inside out.

Sue-Ellen is a facilitator and runs workshops - for more information email or call to discuss booking a talk, presentation or a training workshop. Businesses can increase productivity by learning specific tools for their team of valuable people.

Sue-Ellen is trained as a Strategic Interventions Coach, and in Non Violent Communication. She is an avid learner and has been continuously expanding her knowledge through self education in wellness and personal development, cognitive therapies for over 16 years.
Sue-Ellen has loads of personal transformation & wellness experience that is invaluable as a transformational results coach.

Sue-Ellen was motivated to educate herself when Doctors, specialists and practitioners kept telling her there was nothing they could do to for her own illnesses - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Chronic Pain.
The best option she was told was 'managing' the illness. She knew total healing and wellness was achievable, at that time she didn’t know how to implement the changes, as she was bed ridden.
Through personal growth, a never give up attitude, inner knowing and years or personal development and training.

Her specialty is assisting her clients to reconnect with their own life rhythms. Sue-Ellen refers to this as your Personal Medicine System, its your natural ebbs and flows for all 7 areas of your life. It is essential to be in balance with these areas to live a fulfilling life.

Sue-Ellen lives a healthy active life with no limiting effects; in fact she enjoys riding her horse Charlie regularly, with fun, adventure, imagination and energy.

Sue-Ellen’s quest to Recover from her own illness and challenges is the same drive she uses to be an effective Coach.
Sue-Ellen uses her unique perspective and worldly experience to help others achieve their own personal transformation.
She has walked in her client’s shoes and knows a way through to a better quality path of living.

It's not often you come across a female life coach who has worked on construction sites as a structural welder and rigger, living in remote camps in Western Australia, she did this after recovering from Chronic Fatigue, because Sue-Ellen lives with freedom.

Below is one of Sue-Ellen's favourite quotes from Wayne Dyer, and is now a key mindset in her personalised life coaching programs.

"When you change the way you look at things, then the things you look at change"

Sue-Ellen’s style of coaching is creative, intuitive and also scientific evidence based; she blends creativity with science, a truly balancing both sides of the spectrum.
She uses proven coaching techniques which are deep transformational processes, that get to the core of problems, be prepared to go deep and unveil the ultimate store of wisdom within.

Sue-Ellen leads by example and know how, and has proven repeatedly she can handle any situation. She literally helps people fabricate and weld their lives back together, looking at the same pieces from different perspectives, discarding what doesn't work, and building a strong foundation, starting with the mind/body connection.

The best thing about welding and construction is it starts with an idea, and over time something tangible is created that once never existed. This mindset helps transforms her clients lives in a coaching relationship, together and on the same page - one step at a time.

Sue-Ellen’s diverse background gives her an advantage in coaching people as she sees into clients and identifies their true needs, and gets to the core of the issue, no matter who they are, in a judgment free zone.

Yes, its possible - you can LIVE WITH FREEDOM :)

What Sue-Ellen’s Clients are saying about her:
"Before working with Sue-Ellen I knew I was creative but I was struggling to make it work and felt frustrated and alone. I was trying to figure out what was going on, on my own and that itself was destroying my creativity.

Sue-Ellen connected with me immediately and made me feel validated, like I'd come home! Her inviting, confident manner together with the tools she gave me had me very quickly own my creativity, back myself and trust my own inner guidance.

Now I'm writing regularly, listen to my intuition more and am more confident being creative. Consequently I am more at ease expressing myself and have been offered a larger role facilitating a leadership development program. Thanks Sue-Ellen!”

~ Chris Sydney NSW

“Since working with Sue-Ellen my panic attacks have significantly reduced, the other day I was able to avoid an attack completely. Normally a panic attack would last a whole day, and yesterday I followed Sue-Ellen’s strategy and it worked, I could feel myself tensing up and I put into practice what I learned. The intensity reduced and I avoided the attack. I stayed in control, I am truly amazed, many thanks, it means heaps to me”.
~ Kelly Georgia US

"I had been feeling overwhelmed and like I needed help with my relationships for some time now but wasn't keen on seeing a psychologist. Sue-Ellen's straight forward, human approach gave me a physical sense of relief. This uplifted not just my spirit but my energy levels as well, thank you Sue-Ellen."
~ Joanne Adelaide SA

What can a life coach help me with?
Think for a moment, all the great players and business people have used coaches to help them achieve their goals quicker, getting the results they want to experience.

So, why let the elite sports people dramatically improve their lives and not you?
After all, you are important and have needs, goals and ambitions you want to reach and shine in the process.

Literally a life coach helps their client to unleash the latent power within themselves, in a focused structured way that shows results. The client grows, expands and relaxes along the journey and towards their unique goals.

The thing about life coaching is you don’t need to be a business owner or elite sports person to qualify, in fact coaching can help you discover what you truly want in life, and fast tract your results.

Coaches have lots of tools and strategies that speed up the process of achieving what you truly want sooner, with a personal supporter and leaders you to discover more of who you are. A transformational life coach will keep you accountable when needed, provide tools and strategies for fast tracking your success.
Your life Coach is there for you to help nurture your growth, empower and transform your life into the way you want to achieve your goals and feel fulfillment and personal satisfaction.
They believe in you when you don't believe in yourself.

Common Life coaching areas:

  • Effective Communication
  • Relationships
  • Mindfullness
  • Wellbeing
Coaching can help overcome many different problems such as:

  • Decision making
  • Emotional Problems
  • Fatigue
  • Fears
  • Overwhelm
  • Grief / Loss
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Personal Issues
  • Recover from Injury or illness
  • Stress
  • Not Trusting Self
  • Learn How to listen to your authentic self

  • Deep Processes that get to the core of repetitive life patterns

    What can I expect from a Transformational Life Coach?
    A Life Coach is there to bring out the best in you, your life coach will already see the brilliance within you and they have plenty of tools and strategies to bring out your true potential.
    Your coach is there to be authentic, someone you can connect with and trust, whilst, helping you overcome what every obstacles are in your way.

    There are challenges and accountability that are tackled together with support from your coach. Your Strategic interventions Life coach focuses on solutions rather than problems.

    A life coach is there to help empower you and keep you real, be honest with yourself, to unearth the cause of problems in your life and literally rewire and reprogram. It’s all about healing from the inside out so you can live the life you want to experience.

    Committed to helping people heal from the inside out, whilst creating lasting change.

    To transform, empower and inspire lives one moment at a time until the ripple effect of change touches many.

    Live with Freedom

    • Focused Action
    • Act on inspired thoughts
    • We believe in Miracles daily
    • Fearless Honesty in a safe environment
    • Connecting the mind, heart & body
    • To have a laugh & have fun along the journey
    • To smile often, love completely and express gratitude

    Types of Strategic Life Coaching Services
    Wellness Coaching & Training
    • BREATHE -Discover your inner healing kit
    • How to overcome illness or injury
    • How to cope better through stressful events in life
    • Reach health goals faster
    • Beat Overwhelm and Stresses
    • A healthier mind, brain, body and spirit – The mind body connection
    Personal Coaching and Training
    • Find your purpose
    • Discover inner life skills
    • How to enjoy life better
    • Stress busting strategies
    • Emotional Fitness strategies
    Overcome personal problems
    • Overcome anxiety, addictions and challenges
    • How to cope through depression
    • Life coping strategies
    • Rewire your brain and activate a new program
    • Dispel limiting beliefs and barriers
    Business Coaching and Training
    • STRIDE into Confidence business system
    • How to dissolve Stresses
    • Mindfulness Tools & Techniques for greater productivity
    • How to reduce overwhelm and relax
    • Effective communication strategies

    Our Delivery System

    Confidence to STRIDE through life Program – Naturally reclaim your vitality and WOW factor
    6 Steps - transform your life
      1. S tart New Journey
      2. T ake Charge
      3. R emove Road Blocks
      4. I nitiate Awareness
      5. D iscover Your Inner Self
      6. E mbody, Empower & Celebrate

    The STRIDE with CONFIDENCE System - 6 Step program is the basis of our dynamic Results based Coaching systems.
    This system has been used to help many of Sue-Ellen’s coaching clients holistically improve all qualities of their life and live with freedom.

    Sue-Ellen developed & used the same system to STRIDE back to life after seriously challenging lifetime events.

    The STRIDE system is designed to take you to the next level in your life…..

    ……..Are you ready to take the next step and travel a different road?

    Your Transformation Coaching Programs

    Complete Email SupportUnlimited20 per month10 per month
    Complete Email Support
    120 minutes per month (Additional 60 minutes) -
    180 minutes per month (Additional 60 minutes) - -
    STRIDE System Check Up
    Information Gathering & Goal Setting
    Discovering Your Life Purpose -
    Life Balance analysis -
    Values Elicitation
    Ideal Life Script -
    Key Area Identification
    Removing Major Barriers and Blockages
    Human Need Strategic Analysis - -
    6 Step STRIDE CONFIDENCE Program
    BREATHE Inner Discovery Kit - -
    5 Steps to Personal Freedom Pack - -
    Discover purpose & meaning -
    Mindfulness Tools & Processes
    Wants Vs Needs Analysis
    Personal Success Strategy -
    Bust your Fears & Worries Workout
    Intention & Emotional State Control
    Wellness Strategies - -
    Goals, Mission & Vision Alignment -
    Confidence Strategies -
    Effective Communication Strategies - -
    Meditation Training Unlimited 5 per month 1 per month
    Visualisation Training Unlimited 5 per month 1 per month

    What are the coaching options?
    Sue-Ellen coaches clients locally in the Adelaide, South Australia, Interstate and Internationally.

      Client is contacted at the appointment time via Skype.
      The perfect way to communicate easily.
      Ideal for interstate and international coaching clients.
      Client is contacted by coach at the appointment time, to a preferred telephone number.
      Ideal for coaching clients residing in Australia
    In Person:
      One on one contact between coach and client is available on request .

    Qualifications, Training & Experience
    Over 16 years of personal experience successfully overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Chronic Pain. She have a “can do attitude” which was learnt from growing up on a farm, horse riding and working in the construction & mining industry.

    Sue-Ellen’s quest to overcome her own personal health and relationship challenges is what inspired her to be an effective transformational Life Coach, which she is passionate about.

    Sue-Ellen has walked in her client’s shoes, and knows a way through adversity to a better quality of living.
    • Strategic Interventions Coach
    • Small Business Management Cert IV
    • Non Violent Communication
    • Human Needs psychology
    • Authentic Education – Coaching Programs & training events
    • Robbins Madanes Coaching – Coaching Programs & Training
    • Wayne Dyer – Programs & Training
    • Beyond Success – Coaching Programs and training events
    • Meditation/Visualisation Programs and training events
    • Plus many more self education, training, researching, mentoring, coaching and resources
    Personal Hobbies
    • Horse Riding
    • Travelling
    • Bush Walking
    • Horse riding - in harmony with horses
    • Organic Gardening
    • Welding & Fabrication
    • Enjoying Time With Family & Friends
    • Learning and growing
    • Having a Laugh, Smiling and Having Fun
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